Dorothy Ann Daly

Dorothy Ann Daly


Dorothy Ann Daly is an Irish Artist who lives and works in Berlin. She uses crochet as a tool to develop ideas with other textile techniques where necessary. Crochet has a connection to home and her family, where the women were always making work.

Dorothy Ann Daly uses crochet to make work referring to Irish crochet and the history of women’s work. Crochet drawings, sculptures and collages. Usually with cotton and paper. The piece of crochet dictates the shape and form of the final piece, a flat or a sculptural one. She sees the work as drawing with cotton, using different stitches and thicknesses of cotton to produce textures and shadows, just like she would use different pencils to draw with. Plain paper is used as a background. Embossed paper provides another layer to the work with patterns and lines.

PETTICOAT 2012 | Size :30 x 40 cms Materials : crochet cotton, linen, embossed paper and paper. Techniques : crochet, stitching and embossing. Photography : David Saturra.
 STRAIGHTEN UP – 2012 | Size: 30 x 40 cms Materials : crochet cotton on paper. Techniques crochet on paper. Photo : David Saturra.
LEGS 1 – 2012 | Size: 13 x 18 cms. Materials : crochet cotton on embossed paper. Techniques : crochet and embossing. Photo : David Saturra.
SAMPLE BOOK 1 – 2014 | Size: 17 cms x 12 cms ( detail ) Materials : paper, cotton thread, linen and paper thread. Techniques : crochet, stitching and embossing . Photo : David Ramkalawon
Berlin, Germany

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