Hannah Lamb

Hannah Lamb


Hannah’s work takes inspiration from walking and observing local landscapes. Personal, emotional responses to environment are recorded through stitch, print, photography and construction, piecing together fragments of place and time.

Observing the landscape involves walking, making on site and photography. Hannah uses a variety of methods to record elements from the landscape; the eco print natural dye technique creates subtle, detailed prints from plant material, while the much older photographic process of cyanotype utilises sunlight to create striking photograms from collected objects. Using materials and objects found in the environment is essential to her practice; working with wild plant materials, natural dyes, and the flotsam and jetsam collected from the river Aire. The work is characterised by a use of aged materials, detailed stitch and printed elements.

Hannah’s practice aims to develop a greater awareness of our relationship with the environment; ‘understanding our place in the world through walking and making’.

Bingley, West Yorkshire,


Workshops: Yes
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