Dawn Dupree

Dawn Dupree


Dawn has been producing one-off textile artworks since 1990. Her work incorporates various print processes resulting in richly coloured, multi-layered surfaces. She draws inspiration from landscape, cinema, abandoned objects, derelict spaces,relationships, emotion and autobiographical stories. Dawn exhibits widely and teaches regularly.

Dawn Dupree’s work explores narrative and process. Her constructed landscapes reference urban environment, transition, relationships, and film. Collaged images, drawings and mark-making are integrated, often creating distorted, ambiguous and potentially unsettling results. Intensely coloured and layered surfaces are printed using dye-pastes, discharge, pigments and flocking.

Traditional print methods are blended with digital technology: a process of adding and subtracting, masking and revealing. Boundaries blur between past/present, urban/rural, internal/external. Dawn has exhibited both nationally and internationally over the past 20 years, and has work in a number of collections. She has extensive experience of teaching at all levels.

DOMESTIC BLISS | Inspired by an exposed and derelict interior,layers of abandoned domestic objects reflect repetition and drudgery in domestic chores. Their disfunction suggest discord, and flocked barbwire hints at disguised uncertainty.
TURBULENCE | Inspired by sailing across an ocean, seascapes, navigation, and extreme weather.
London, England
Greater London

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