Penny Burnfield

Penny Burnfield


Penny Burnfield was originally a scientist but a change of direction led her to study for an Art Degree as a mature student. She enjoys the versatility and exciting possibilities of working with textiles and mixed media.

Always curious, Penny’s work is intensively researched and draws on many subjects. She uses a variety of materials and techniques, always looking for a way of working that relates to the ideas behind the finished piece. Themes include History, Museums, and Scientific topics as well as site-specific and abstract work. Much of her work involves the use of writing and text and it often takes the form of an installation.

Penny is a long-standing member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists and the Textile Study Group. Her work has been shown at many exhibitions at home and abroad and she has exhibited work with the Crafts Council, Sotheby’s, and at Winchester Cathedral. She is also a member of the Textile Study Group

BEDSIDE MANNER | Old medical textbook, telephone wire, modelling-clay. 23cms x 16cms x 16cms
ENDANGERED (detail) | Paper-clay, fired and smoked, waste silk-yarn, computer print. Complete piece: 204 x 108 cms. Image by Mary Stark.
Stockbridge, Hampshire, England
South West

Workshops: No
Talks: Yes
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