Rachel Gornall

Rachel Gornall


My work explores colour and pattern. I use layers of hand-dyed translucent fabrics, hand-cut with intricate patterns, to create textile panels, hangings and small-scale artworks. I exhibit across the UK and am a recent recipient of the Crafts Council Development Award.

A celebration of colour and pattern, I create instinctive colour statements which reference specific locations or experiences, evoking perceptions of time, feeling and place. I am particularly fascinated by moments of revelation and transition conscious understanding of a new way of seeing things – changing light; changing colour; changing reality. Inspired by my local river in London, travels in Latin America (through forests, ancient temples, underground pools, markets, textiles, rhythm and heat) and the endless repetition of life under the sea, the pieces explore colour, pattern and change. Hand-dyed translucent fabrics are layered to create richly coloured works, which glow with a diffused light.

These layers are mounted or hung at a distance from one-another, allowing light to permeate. The crisp surface of the cloth is hand-cut with intricate geometric patterns, revealing the layers of colour beneath and engaging the viewer with a changing perspective. Small circles of coloured fabric are stitched, suspended, inside the cut-away shapes, like dancing pinpoints of hue.

SUBTERRANEAN LIGHT | Layered, handcut textile hanging
GREEN CIRCLED | Handcut, layered textile wall panel
GREEN CIRCLED (detail) | Handcut, layered textile wall panel
London, England
Greater London

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