Ebb & Flow Event 6

Sleigh Belles Transformations

A one day masterclass led by 62 Group Lucy Brown.

The 62 Group was invited by the Fishing Heritage Centre to lead a workshop session for their ‘Sleigh Belles’ Exhibition, which is ran alongside the 62 Groups’ Exhibition ‘Ebb and Flow’.

‘Transformations’ was specifically aimed at Art Students from the local 6th Form College; Franklin. The day was about developing a response to the Sleigh Belles exhibition through transforming unwanted clothing into wearable or non-wearable pieces of art work.

This  workshop encouraged experimentation with materials and low tech, hands on textile and weaving techniques which inform ways of working, ideas and concepts.

The workshop helped start a working partnership between the Art Department at Franklin College and North East Lincolnshire Councils Arts Development Unit.

Lucy Brown makes one-off works which use a mixed palette of reclaimed clothing, textile related materials and objects. Works take form of woven sculptural installations, site specific interventions and individual pieces for exhibitions, commissions and projects. Lucy has been an exhibiting member of the 62 Group since 2002.


Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown

Fishing Heritage Centre

 1 Day

Fri. 24th Oct. 2014

10am to 4pm

Adults at all levels

A really inspirational day for Franklin College students at the Heritage Centre. Our textiles teacher said it was amazing and that the students really got a lot from the day.  What a brilliant opportunity!

George Lamb

Head of Art at Franklin College 2014