New Members 2017

Nov 4, 2017 | Members, News

Chair Welcomes New Members

Sue Stone, current chair of the 62 Group welcomes 2017 new members Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary), Daisy May Collingridge (UK), and Flox Den Hartog Jager (Netherlands) bringing the total number of exhibiting members and honorary exhibiting members to sixty-two.

Eszter Bornemisza is a fiber artist living in Budapest, Hungary working with recycled paper, textiles and other found soft materials. Trained and having worked as a mathematician she began orienting to textile arts in the mid ‘90ties. The basic process of her creation is machine stitching, with additional elements of printing dyeing and painting.

After having made art quilts for more than ten years, her interest has turned to creating transparent wall-hangings, objects and installations using ripped, overprinted newspaper.

Daisy May Collingridge sculpts fabric. Her work often sits in the delightfully awkward space between theatre and art. Her most recent work has explored the realm of figurative wearable sculpture. Her piece Lippydeema won the international designer award at the World of Wearable Arts competition in 2016.

Since graduating from Central Saint Martins with a degree in fashion design, her practice has become more focused on the investigation of how to create form using fabric.

Flox den Hartog Jager is a Dutch textile artist. The main source of inspiration for her work is human life and the myths, legends, stories and symbols that give life meaning.

This has recently led to three series: Foremothers, Angels and the Apocalypse. Her work is multi-layered: she uses silkscreen, resistive techniques, acrylic paint monoprints and inks to create a base surface; she then cuts and reassembles, sewing pieces manually onto each other. Finally, she embroiders them by hand and/or machine, softening the graphic image obtained by the printing and emphasizing the natural tactility of textile.