Hand Stitched Stories

Artist Workshop

Jane McKeating

British Textile Biennial Artist

A range of interesting composite stitches will be introduced to make colourful surfaces which can be inspired by the clothing you are wearing to tell stories about yourself and the origins of your outfit.

You might want to wear something which is particularly special to you, or it could be something which reflects your everyday personality. The stitches can either be used figuratively or as abstract pattern making. The outcomes will be rich surfaces that you can take away and use to apply to something or enjoy as a self-portrait. This workshop is suitable for a beginner or an experienced stitcher. Materials will be provided.


Jane McKeating

The Whitaker
Haslingden Rd,

 1 Day

Sunday 7th November

10.00 am – 3.00pm

Age 14+

Price: £50 Lunch Included