People, Places, Materials, Objects

The exhibition explores the working relationship that artists have with the world around them and in particular artwork that investigates the creative dialogue that takes place between the artist/maker and the themes: people, place, materials, objects.

The exhibition includes a special project by Emily Jo Gibbs, ‘The Boat Builders’ starring apprentices working at Berthon Boat Company. She has made a new series of portraits documenting Apprentices and their Foreman working at Berthon Boatyard in Lymington. Highlighting the Value of Making and the importance of skilled labour. A celebration of people who prefer a hands-on approach, whose knowledge and skill is gained through the doing, learnt through making.

St. Barbe Museum & Art Gallery
New Street,
SO41 9BH
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15 January – 26 February 2022
10am – 4pm daily

Open over Easter including Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery

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