New Members 2023

Nov 15, 2023 | Members, News

Chair Welcomes Three New Members

Catherine Dormor, current chair of the 62 Group welcomes three new members: Alison Aye (UK), Isabel Fletcher (UK), and Wera (Associate) (UK).

Alison Aye was born in County Durham. Daughter and granddaughter of seamstresses and pitmen, her working class upbringing is at the root of everything she makes. A world of trade union banners, ‘nameless’ crafters and self-less women, in which most things were made and repaired rather than bought. She makes contemporary collage, whilst respecting traditional craft techniques.  More…

Isabel Fletcher is a textile artist exploring the way overlooked production offcuts can act as portals into the craft of their industry. Reframing disregarded offcuts as glimpses into the craft of making, she aims to increase empathy for possessions and encourage a reduction in consumption and waste.  More…

Wera (Associate) Since her childhood, Weronika has nurtured an enduring interest in art and textiles, such as knitting, embroidery, crochet, and most recently, rug hooking and punch needle. Learning how to mend clothes and create new ones echoes as a shared experience in many Eastern European households, where the culture of austerity that surrounded the Soviet Union persists to this day. She learned the basics in schools and from her grandmother. Since then, working with her hands has been a reflective and grounding practice. More... 


Alison Aye


Isabel Fletcher