Athena Nemeth

Athena Nemeth


I am an hand embroiderer that likes to use the medium to retell tales from history. I consider myself both an artist and an ‘armchair’ historian ; if I’m not making art I’m reading about history just to enrich my brain .

The way I go about finding what inspires me is by taking story from history that could or not be known to the average folk and retelling it vividly with colour like a medieval monk. I take a lot of my inspiration from medieval manuscripts I have always loved the way they capture life without being entirely realistic to form and proportions makes it easy to draw things without having to stick to reality!

But for me I like to use all types of mediums when working from chairs to pillows to just regular charity shop finds I just like embroidering on unconventional material.

But in the end of the day embroidery or textile work is a way for me to tell the world about my fascinations of a certain subject without having to write but by just having to use your eyes and imagination !

ENGLAND AND 1066 | 2022| Materials: Cotton, sequin , thread and beads |Techniques: Embroidery | Image Credit: Athena Nemeth
RICHARD LION HEART'S LAST STAND | 2022| Materials: Cotton, sequin, beads and thread |Techniques: Embroidery | Image Credit: Athena Nemeth
BATTLE OF CLONTARF | 2022 | Materials: Cotton, thread and beads | Techniques: Embroidery | Image Credit: Athena Nemeth

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