Caren Garfen

Caren Garfen


Caren uses cloth and thread to create research-led artworks relating to women’s issues in the 21st century. She specialises in painstaking hand stitched text and motifs. Her work deals with serious issues, and although the text might add a layer of humour, it thinly veils a stark social statement.

Caren’s work explores themes of gender stereotypes, femininity and body issues in the 21st century. She is currently focusing her practice on eating disorders and the significant influence social media exposure can have on body image. Finished pieces emphasise the concepts behind each work and may be in the form of chocolate boxes, sweet jars, and even full size art installations.

Caren has established an international reputation for her accessible yet challenging issue-based art. Her work has been exhibited widely in the UK and Europe, as well as in Japan, USA, and Canada.

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE | Cotton fabric, silk threads, casting resin, paper cases, chocolate box. Moulding and hand stitch
TWEETS (NOT SWEETS) | Cotton fabric, silk threads, capsules, sweet jars. Hand stitch.
NET WEIGHT NET LOSS | Cotton fabric, silks threads, photo transfer. Hand stitch.
AUGUSTUS & EDIE (detail). Cotton fabric, silk threads. Hand stitch.
London, England
Greater London

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