Sally Spinks

Sally Spinks


Sally is a London based textile artist who graduated in 2008 from Goldsmiths, University of London, with a Master of Fine Art (Studio Practice). Since then, she has continued to exhibit her work in both the UK and the US. Alongside her art practice she also works as a Design Director for a global design consultancy, as well as occasionally knitting garments for major feature films.

Driven by curiosity around the changing nature of class, Sally works predominately with hand tufted and knitted textiles to create artworks that question our relationship to the medium as well as how we perceive our place in the world. She is interested in how economic developments have shifted both the notion of class and the rise of the culture of ‘me’ rather than the collective aspiration of ‘we’. And the impact this has on our lives, relationships and the way we work. Exploring the use of code in this context and how this becomes inclusive or exclusive depending on perception, your place in the class system and your sense of belonging has been central to her practice. Using code to cover, conceal or divert attention from our inability to talk openly about certain issues, including mental health, is a subject that she is currently researching to inform her most recent works. 

Sally is passionate about the medium of textiles, especially anything wool or yarn related, and aims to use her work to push the boundaries of how the medium is perceived in the wider art world. She also chooses to use natural fibres and British wool where possible in her work. Her pieces range from large site-specific installations, such as knitting with vast amounts of heat ducting, to incredibly small and detailed works using cotton thread on tiny 1mm knitting needles. Repetition in both the stitches she uses as well as making several versions or series of the same work is also a major feature of her art.

KNIT OR DIE | Hand knitted graffiti, Southbank London. wool, cotton, wire  various dimensions
UNTITLED (MUM) |Hand tufted Axminster yarn 1.5m x 1.65m
UNTITLED (MUM) | Hand tufted Axminster yarn (detail).
MODERN USES OF SHORTHAND No 1 |Hand knitted cotton, silk, wool 10cm x 10cm.
London, England
Greater London
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