Fiona Rutherford

Fiona Rutherford


Fiona Rutherford uses the historical technique of tapestry weaving to create textiles for contemporary interiors.

She loves the emotional impact of colour, creating an immediate sense of energy through a vivid but limited colour palate. An intimacy of weaving and storytelling fascinates her bringing together the past and present to create something new and still unfolding. Her work is highly narrative and references people, music words and events in her life that are woven into the fabric of her tapestries. The imagery is a careful balance of patterns, symbols and mark making.

Japanese art and textiles have been a major influence on her work over the past decade and in particular the visual aesthetics of space. Woven strips, based on the obi or kimono sash, became a vehicle for randomly connected imagery suggesting the border of a larger unseen design. These strips could be hung vertically or horizontally in different locations to create a completely different visual effect.

Fiona has exhibited her work widely in the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and America and her works is held in major public collections.

Edinburgh, Scotland



Workshops: Yes
Talks: Yes
Commissions: Yes