Nigel Cheney

Nigel Cheney


Cheney’s work specialises in large wall hung textiles that utilise a full palette of textile techniques. His work is underpinned by drawing where colour, surface and decoration are vital parts of his practice. It is often informed by a love of history, fiction, contemporary music and humour in reinterpreting idiomatic phrases.

Since graduating from Manchester Poly (now MMU) for both undergrad in Embroidery and MA in Textiles over 25 years ago Cheney has spent the majority of his career based in Dublin at the National College of Art and Design,

Featured in several articles ion Embroidery magazine and an array of prestigious books such as both ‘Hand Stitch’  and ‘Machine Stitch’ Perspectives’ by McKeating / Kettle and ‘Textiles- the art of mankind’ by Mary Schoeser. His own book ‘Textile Surface Manipulation’, 2013, published by Bloomsbury press and co-written with Dr. Helen McAllister reflects his interests in textile education.

His creative practice revolves around the act of drawing, painting and the production of stitched textiles that has application for fashion, interiors, commission and gallery work. The more commercial textile product work is represented through Design Nation since 2015.

Reveling in technique and process the work is created from a respect of the breadth and versatility of tradition alongside new technologies. From a full palette of textile and embroidery techniques including digital printing, hand and machine embroidery, the wall-hung textiles he produces are often pictorial and delve into story telling. Multi-layered references stem from responses to the notion of memory and are underpinned by detailed drawing and digitally manipulated collage. Colour, surface and mark making are vital parts of his practice. Natural forms such as birds, flowers and animals are studied in great detail, juxtaposed with more abstract grounds. The work is rich and often highly decorative as it is informed by a love of contemporary music and aspires to a humour that explores ambiguous territories where childlike phrases and idioms are reinterpreted in order to stimulate visual allegories. As an expert in Industrial Embroidery and commercial textile design processes, he has enjoyed exploring the creative possibilities of digital stitch for many years.

Leicestershire, UK

East Midlands


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