Ann Goddard

Ann Goddard


Ann Goddard’s interest lies in exploring ideas through making. Inspired by the landscape, nature and concern for the environment she works three dimensionally, combining textile and non-textile elements. The resulting pieces take the form of mixed media assemblages, constructed wall pieces and small installations comprising multiple units.

Ann’s practice straddles the boundary between Fine Art and Craft, and has evolved from her background studying embroidery, ceramics, and textiles within a Fine Art context.

A life-long interest in nature led her to research local and global ecological issues. Ann’s ongoing body of work explores the impact of human activity on biodiversity, the destruction of habitats and extinction of species. Focus is on small endangered lifeforms and the vulnerability and fragility of nature. A consequence of this work has been the development of small format artworks that explore the possibilities of concentrating ideas into a miniature size.

Working directly with materials, she juxtaposes a diverse range of contrasting materials…fragile with hard, natural with man-made. Techniques used are as varied as her materials. Her preferred method of creating form is through construction. Rather than direct representation, she aims to utilise the intrinsic qualities of materials and processes, to evoke associations and carry the essence of the theme.

REMAINS | Materials: Cotton fabric, wax, thread, wire | Size: 9 units, overall W60 x H14 x D60 cm I <br />Photo: Ann Goddard
HOSTILE LANDSCAPE (Detail) | Materials: Felted cotton fibres, bristles, wire, concrete | Size: 1 of 9 units, W40 x H12 x D40 cm | <br />Ann Goddard
ASSEMBLAGES | Recycled mixed media scraps, threads, wire. 16 Units : overall W60 x H x D60 cm. Photo: David Rowan
ASSEMBLAGES (Detail) | Paper, paint, fibres, thread : 1 of 16 small units. Photo: David Rowan.
ASSEMBLAGES (Detail) | Concrete, paint, fibres, wire : 1 of 16 small units. Photo: David Rowan.
Nr Chester, England

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