Caren Garfen

Caren Garfen


Caren Garfen is an award winning artist specialising in textiles and painstaking hand stitching creating carefully considered pieces with profound messages.

Caren’s interest has been in gender politics and women’s issues in the twenty-first century. She has concentrated on specific themes such as work/life balance and dieting/the body. In the past four years she has researched and created artworks relating to the devastating world of eating disorders. However, Caren has now changed direction and is examining the shattering rise in global antisemitism. As is her approach, she will delve into all areas of enquiry, trying, once again, to make sense of our complex and problematic world.

Caren has established an international reputation for her accessible yet challenging issue-based art. Her work has been exhibited widely in the UK and Europe, as well as in Japan, USA, Canada and Australia, and can be found in public and private collections.


FAMILY TIES, 2020 | Materials: cotton, silk threads, tefillin, fabric dye | Process: dyeing, hand stitch
STAR WITNESS, 2020 | Materials: cotton, silk thread, fabric dye, printing ink | Process: dyeing, hand printing, hand stitch
SELECTION, 2020 | Materials: cotton, silk threads, 108 ophthalmic lenses, 108 miniature picture frames, photographs | Process: hand stitch
TURN BACK THE CLOCK, 2020 |Materials: Antique silver pocket watch, cotton, silk threads, vintage photo frame, photograph, luggage label | Process: hand stitch, handwriting
ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT - 2018 | 202 modern & vintage dolls house beds, cotton, silk threads,wadding, foam | Technique: Hand stitch
London, England
Greater London

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