Elizabeth Tarr

Elizabeth Tarr


My work is about narrative: the telling of stories. Indigo dye features predominantly: paper and fabric are dyed, collaged, bleached, painted and stitched. Imagery is enhanced with found fabric and stitch.

My work is about telling stories, with themes both revealed and hidden. From Infantas to magpies: I am inspired by symbolism, folk tales, poetry, landscape and the dynamics of relationships. Indigo-dyed paper and fabric are collaged and stitched together, then worked on over time: re-dying, bleaching, hand and machine embroidery and found objects embellish the pieces.

MUSIC MADE MY HEART DELIGHTFUL | Indigo-dyed Chinese fabric, found fabrics and objects, over wood. 12" X 12". Photo : Michael Wicks
INFANTA SERIES: SIT LIKE A MOUNTAIN | Paper, fabric, indigo, paint, collage, applique, stitch; 51cm x 51cm. Photo : Michael Wicks
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London, England
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