Helen Banzhaf

Helen Banzhaf


Helen has been making textiles since 1989. Her work is exhibited both at home and abroad and her textiles are featured in books and publications.

When I first began making decorative textiles I had to have an actual ceramic piece as my inspiration. Its shape, form and colours spurred me on with the design. I loved recreating these three dimensional pieces in stitches. Nowadays, most of my depicted vessels don’t exist. They are figments of my imagination. And what I find most exciting is that my initial design bears little resemblance to the finished embroidery. The patterns, shapes and colours change and evolve as I work the piece.

EILEEN'S OLD BATTERED GREEK TANKARD (one of a triptych) | Mercerised cotton thread on calico; 18cm wide x 25cm high.
TWO TANKARDS SIDE BY SIDE | Mercerised cotton thread on calico
THREE TEAPOTS IN A ROW | Mercerised cotton thread on calico
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London, England
Greater London

Workshops: Yes
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Commissions: Yes