Louise Baldwin

Louise Baldwin


Louise has exhibited her work throughout Britain, in America, Japan and Germany. Baldwin’s recent pieces now incorporate found imagery colour and domestic packaging alongside fabric and simple stitch to produce rich small scale textiles that explore some of the complexities of contemporary life.

I have exhibited my work and taught textiles and design since leaving college in 1988. Originally working with layered textures and patterns drawn from plant forms I produced large scale stitched paper wall hangings. The work has gradually transformed along the way, reflecting changes in focus and the influence of the world around me.

My current work is a combination of collaged mundane domestic packaging, layers of stitched imagery and pom poms. There is a confusion of colour, incidental imagery, doorknobs, handles and a clash of materials as they are brought together within a frame that excites me. I work directly with the materials, not planning beforehand but responding as the work develops, building up layers of imagery. Pieces are cut down and added to, turned upside down, stitched and reorganised until they seem right.

Like life they need to have a touch of melancholy mixed in with the pleasure. I am interested in how we absorb knowledge and experiences, selecting out the bits that resonate for us, sometimes carefully, other times by accident, it’s what makes us who we are. In this work, connections are made between the most seemingly random things, cell structures and patchwork, cereal boxes and simple sums. They are like bits of information, memories and desires that float around our brains waiting to surface.

My home and studio are in London and I teach at various colleges and give workshops around the country.

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London, England
Greater London

Workshops: Yes
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