Jane McKeating

Jane McKeating


Janes hand stitched and printed textiles are decorative and playful. The tactile surfaces depict universal themes in everyday life telling visual stories, often presented through sequences of images. Drawing is central to Janes creative exploration and she moves between drawing and stitch to make work at a variety of scales.

Utilising print to translate her drawn images onto a variety of cloths, she then works with them through a series of processes of addition and subtraction. By adding hand stitch and removing warp or weft, the surfaces take on a new and tactile form. Through the use of the print process images can be endlessly repeated, so frequently drawn characters and objects appear over time in many different guises and scales.

Jane is interested in the haptic qualities of stitch and cloth and her textiles emerge from an exploration of the relationship between touch and vision. Her synaesthesia impacts upon the use of colour and this is explored through the intensity of the handstitched pattern making, resulting in richly coloured and highly tactile surfaces.

Jane graduated from Goldsmiths College where she studied Embroidery, going on to Manchester Polytechnic where she gained her MA in textiles in 1984. Since then, her work has taken many forms for exhibition and commission. Initially large scale machine embroidered wall hung pieces, followed by collections of small rag books and textile products, including ties, belts and work in other materials, including paper and enamels. Most recently Jane has returned to larger, wall based cloths.

Following 20 years of teaching Embroidery as a Senior Lecturer, leading the BA(Hons) Embroidery course in Manchester, Jane is now Associate Head of Design at Manchester School of Art.

Jane has jointly authored ‘Machine Stitch Perspectives’ (A and C Black 2010) and the companion volume ‘Hand Stitch Perspectives’ (Bloomsbury 2013) with Alice kettle.

Manchester, England

Workshops: No
Talks: Yes
Commissions: Yes