Sian Martin

Sian Martin


Siân Martin has been a maker of textile art since she graduated from Birmingham Polytechnic with a BA Hons and MA in Embroidery. She is a member of the Textile Study Group as well as the 62 Group and also exhibits with the Stitch Textile Artists a group of Masterclass students.

Siân is also an enthusiastic teacher and has travelled widely, giving lectures and leading workshops.  She started Distant Stitch in 1991, an online  distance learning textile course.

Siân’s definition of stitch is a broad one that encompasses wrapping, threading, binding and looping as well as conventional stitch.  Her work involves ideas of layers, translucency, suspended forms using threads such as wires, canes, willow and machine stitching in voids:  suspended ‘in the air’.

Bridgwater, England

South West


Workshops: Yes
Talks: Yes
Commissions: Yes