Debbie Lyddon

Debbie Lyddon


Debbie’s creative practice explores landscape and place and includes mixed media cloths, sculpture, installation and drawing. Her inspiration comes from experiencing and paying attention to her surroundings.

Debbie’s interest lies in how we perceive natural phenomena – air, wind, water, light and sound – in the environment. Her inspiration comes from walking, noticing and collecting. As an artist and a musician her work is not only inspired by things that can be seen but also by things that can be heard and touched. Debbie’s current practice explores coastal locations and the processes of change that are engendered on the landscape and the objects in it.

Cloth and traditional utilitarian hand-stitching are the foundation of Debbie’s work. Cloth is found in coastal environments in the form of tarpaulins, boat covers and sails and she alludes to their functional purpose in her work. The materials that she uses in conjunction with cloth – salt, bitumen, wax, varnish – are substances that are found in a coastal location and they play an integral part in relating the cloth objects to their surroundings.

Debbie’s practice aims to evoke a multi-sensory interpretation of her surroundings to promote an awareness of the relationship between the visual, aural and tactile landscape.

GREEN SALT POT | Linen, wire, salt, found thread, driftwood; 13cm high x 5cm diameter
TARPAULIN CLOTH (detail) | Linen, wire, wax, rainwater; 48cm high x 52cm wide
Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, England

Workshops: Yes
Talks: Yes
Commissions: Yes